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Online Free Golf Lessons

Can You Really Find Online Free Golf Lessons?

I wanted to make this post straight to the point and to provide max value to our readers. I certainly have the mentality that golf doesn’t have to be expensive or require traditional lessons. So with that being said, online free golf lessons do exist, but maybe not in the way you might expect.

Limited Time Only, Receive Online Free Golf Lessons (Well, a Free Trial Anyway)

See, you thought you were going to read this article and get online free golf lessons, didn’t you? I think you and I both know better that not much in life is truly free. But I think you will find a lot of value in what I found for my readers regarding quality golf lessons that can be delivered remotely by PGA golf coaches.

The Golf Farm – Remote Golf Lessons at its Best

The Golf Farm is a highly effective online golf training website that has real golf instruction from real golf coaching professionals. Everything from video swing analysis, to proper technique, golf game education, and even guided, personal instruction.

Start Your Free Golf Farm Trial – Click Here

Features of The Golf Farm Training Program

  • Three different lesson plans to cater to beginner through advanced golfers
  • Affordable price plans for every budget. Golf instruction for as little as $17/month
  • Full swing, short-game, and putting lessons
  • On-demand interactive training content and lessons
  • Stretching and warm-up drills to help warm up and cool down before and after your practice sessions
  • Full evaluation of your current skillset and future goal mapping to ensure continued improvement
  • Unlimited video submissions to be evaluated by golf coaching experts (on certain plans)
  • Personalized plans based on your individual needs (on certain plans)
  • Monthly calls with your coach to really dial in and fix your game (on certain plans)
  • Free swing analysis and 14 day trial for any plan
  • Learn proper swing technique and drills

Affordable, Convenient, Effective Golf Lessons On Your Schedule

Don’t Ignore Self-Training Golf Videos

You might be wondering how in the world can I train myself to be better at golf. I know it’s not the first thing people think about when they accept that golf can be hard and frustrating. Nobody says, “I really suck at golf so I think I’ll just keep trying to get better doing it on my own, having no clue what to do”.

What I mean by “self-training” doesn’t mean not utilizing any form of assistance to help your golf game. I just mean not needing to take in-person lessons and by using readily available resources that are free, or very inexpensive.

There’s Nothing You Can’t Learn On YouTube

If you’re like me and like to figure things out for yourself, then you have probably turned to YouTube for a variety of DIY reasons. I know I’ve learned how to do so many tasks around the house from soldering a capacitor on my pool’s electronic control board to fixing faucets.

So if you can learn how to do these things by watching videos, why can’t you do the same with learning to improve your golf swing? Well, YOU CAN! I know because I’ve done exactly that and have reduced my scores by 20 strokes going the self-training route.

My Recommended YouTube Golf Channels To Improve Your Game

Saguto Golf logo
  • Saguto Golf – Tom Saguto is one of my go-to golf instructors on YouTube. Thanks to Tom’s simplified technique to better golf, I have to credit him for the majority of my golf improvement. He’s a PGA professional based out of North Carolina and regularly puts out golf tips and lessons a couple times per week. Tom does offer an affordable premium membership that gives you access to more videos and in-depth lessons, but I’ve found his free videos to be more than sufficient to improve any golfer’s game. Give his channel a try. You’ll love his sense of humor!
  • Danny Maude – Danny Maude is another great golf coach on YouTube. With over 1 million subscribers, it’s not surprising that Danny has this type of following. His online golf lesson videos are just that good. Plus, Danny is one of those coaches that’s patient and not intimidating. He focuses on the mechanics, motor learning, and psychology of golf. This process has allowed him to go from a struggling golfer to competing at the highest levels of the game within a matter of years. Danny’s videos are on point and he offers remote coaching for anyone who so desires to take it to the next level.
Danny Maude Logo

How To Find A Golf Instructor

If you’ve tried learning golf on your own, or don’t feel that receiving golf lessons remotely or through video instruction is for you, you should look into in-person coaching. You can find plenty of information about golf lessons and coaching from your local golf course. Any golf retail store should also have existing relationships with local golf instructors that they can recommend to you. You can also look for certified PGA instructors at this link – Click Here.


So as you can see, there are plenty of resources available to any aspiring golfer that makes learning golf affordable. Using a combination of self-learning with free golf lesson videos and remote golf coaches, the game of golf doesn’t have to be expensive in order to improve.

Online free golf lessons may not exist (again, check out a free swing analysis and 14-day trial lesson here), but there are ways to get better on a budget.

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