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Golf Cart Bags with Full Length Dividers

Golf Cart Bags with Full Length Dividers

There are several advantages to having golf cart bags with full length dividers. The primary reasons are for club organization and club preservation. To be clear, full length divided golf bags are not just for cart bags. You can find stand bags with this feature as well, but we are focusing on cart bags in particular for this article.

For those of you who like cart bags but don’t like not having a stand to support the bag, there are separate bi-pod legs that you can purchase. These legs basically convert your cart bag to a stand bag. I recently started using this setup and now really have no issues with using a cart bag.

Difference Between Full Length Divided Bags & Non-Divided Bags

All golf bags have club separators at the top of the bag. The image shown here is a common configuration for many bags available on the market today.


As you can see, this particular bag has 14 separate compartments. However, you can’t tell from looking at the top of the bag if the club compartments remain separated for the full length of the bag.


You may be wondering why it’s an added benefit when your clubs remain completely isolated from other clubs for the full length of the shaft.





14-way golf bag image

It’s what you don’t see beneath the top of the bag where the main difference lies between the two styles of bags. The non-divided bag usually has fabric that continues only a few inches below the top frame.  From here, all of your clubs are essentially in one large compartment and the shafts can cross over each other.


A divided bag, however, has a rigid frame that goes from the top of the bag to the bottom. This frame provides the separation from clubhead to handle.


Why Have Divided Compartments?

I learned first-hand why a divided golf bag is so much better. Take a look at this image of my Callaway 6-iron. Look carefully at the hozel (the black plastic fitting where the clubhead meets the shaft.


This chip is not from a mishit or anything of the sort. This was the result of my clubs being carried in a non-divided bag. 


The clubheads and shafts were constantly hitting up against each other over a couple of years of being bumped around on a golf cart.


Another reason you can damage your clubs can be the result of improperly storing your clubs in the bag. More on that topic in a bit.



chipped golf club hozel image

The other advantage for having a divided cart bag is improved club movement in and out of your bag. When you have a non-divided bag, the grips and shafts tend to rub up against each other when you are removing a club or putting one back in. I used to cringe everytime I would feel and hear my clubs rubbing against each other like that. Over time you can see the scuff marks on the shafts, especially on graphic shafts.



Setting Up Your Golf Bag

Properly setting up a golf bag isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, it’s also practical and adds protection to your clubs. How much time have you spent searching around for the right club because you didn’t have a good system for your club placement in the bag? Picking out the needed club should almost be something you can do blindfolded. When you have a simple way to place clubs in the bag, you’ll spend less time searching for clubs and more time hitting balls.


As I mentioned earlier, proper golf club placement can also help to prevent damage to your clubs. Too many times I’ve seen golfers place their short clubs in a compartment next to their longer clubs, like drivers and woods. This is a horrible setup and results in the heads of the shorter clubs to constantly hit up against the shafts of the longer clubs. 


What’s the solution? A logical, organized way to place your clubs in the bag will keep your game moving along knowing exactly where your next club needs to be pulled from. It will also save wear and tear on your clubheads and shafts. Take look at the image below. I’ve laid out a common way to properly setup your clubs using a 14-way divided bag.


One note I wanted to mention…many cart bags will have a dedicated well or oversized compartment for your putter. These are normally found on the other end of the compartment well, opposite of where the driver and woods are normally placed. This bag shown below does not contain a putter well.

14-Way Golf Bag Club Setup

golf bag with clubs setup image

4-Way Golf Bag Club Setup

If you don’t have a golf bag with individual compartments for each club, the below image shows one recommend way to organize your clubs. I prefer a dedicated compartment for each club, but I know the configuration below is commonly found, especially on stand bags, so I wanted to include the setup for that type of bag.

combined golf club bag setup image

In the end, how you setup your clubs is personal preference. The images above are the most common way to organize your bag that not only provides a logical way to place the clubs, but helps to prevent damage to your shafts. Placing clubs in the bag in a manner that causes club heads to hit against shafts can cause damage over time. The video below describes bag setup recommendations in a nice visual way.

Video - How To Properly Setup Your Golf Bag

Cart Golf Bags Vs. Stand (Carry) Bags

One important item that golfers must consider is the type of bag they use to carry their clubs and other necessary items. There are two primary options to choose from: golf cart bags and golf carry bags.

Golf Cart Bags

black golf cart bag image

Golf cart bags are specifically designed to be used with golf carts. They are larger and heavier compared to carry golf bags, as they are meant to be transported on a golf cart rather than carried on the golfer’s shoulder. Here are some key features and benefits of golf cart bags:


1. Storage Capacity: Golf cart bags typically have more storage space than carry golf bags. They come with multiple compartments and pockets to accommodate not only clubs but also other accessories like balls, tees, gloves, and even personal items like snacks and drinks. With the abundance of storage options, golfers can keep all their essentials easily accessible and organized. Carry bags can also hold many of these items, but usually in smaller amounts and sizes.


2. Club Organization: These bags often have individual club dividers to keep your clubs organized and prevent them from tangling or clanking against each other while being moved. This feature makes it easier to find and select the desired club quickly, enhancing your overall golfing experience. The club dividers ensure that each club has its own designated space, reducing the risk of damage and making it convenient to locate the right club for each shot.


3. Stability: Since golf cart bags are meant to be used with golf carts, they are designed with features like non-slip bottoms and strap loops to secure the bag in place while secured to the back of a cart. This ensures that your bag stays stable and prevents any potential damage to your clubs. The stability provided by golf cart bags is especially beneficial when navigating uneven terrain or bumpy paths on the golf course.


While golf cart bags offer numerous advantages, there are also a few drawbacks to consider:


Portability: Due to their larger size and weight, golf cart bags are less portable compared to carry golf bags. If you prefer to walk the course or have limited storage space, this may not be the most suitable option for you.


Versatility: Golf cart bags are primarily designed for use with golf carts. If you regularly play on courses that do not allow golf carts or prefer to walk, you may find it challenging to use a golf cart bag effectively. It’s essential to consider your preferred playing style and the golf courses you frequent before deciding on a golf cart bag.

Golf Carry (Stand) Bags

golf carry stand bag

Carry golf bags, also known as stand bags, are designed for golfers who prefer to carry their bags on their shoulders or use a pull/push cart. These bags are generally lighter and more compact compared to golf cart bags. Here are some of the features and benefits of carry golf bags:


1. Portability: Carry golf bags are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for golfers who prefer walking the course. They typically come with comfortable shoulder straps and handles for convenient transportation. 


2. Compact Design: These bags are designed to be sleek and compact, allowing for easy maneuverability. They often come with retractable legs that enable the bag to stand upright on the ground, providing easy access to clubs and accessories during play.


3. Versatility: Carry golf bags are suitable for various course conditions, whether you prefer to walk, use a push/pull cart, or even ride a golf cart. You can easily adapt to different situations and choose the most comfortable carrying position. Many carry bags have dual shoulder straps that balance the bag’s weight and puts less strain on your back. This dual strap feature is not normally found on cart bags.


4. Storage Options: Although carry golf bags may not offer as much storage space as their cart counterparts, they still provide enough room for a basic number of clubs, balls, tees, and other essentials. As mentioned earlier in this article, cart bags tend to have more dedicated compartments for your clubs. This alone is a reason many golfers will choose a cart bag over a carry bag. You also may not need as many club compartments if you don’t use a full set of clubs in your game. Golf wedges are clubs that some golfers like to have every variety and loft available. Others however may only use two wedges, pitching wedge and sand wedge, for example.


While carry bags have their advantages, there are a few limitations to consider as well:


Limited Storage: If you require extensive storage space for additional items or personal belongings, carry golf bags may not provide enough room to accommodate all your needs. However, for golfers who have a minimalist approach or prefer to travel light, the limited storage capacity may not be a significant concern. You may decide to own both types of bags and use a lighter carry bag when playing executive courses that don’t always require the same number of clubs to play shorter courses.

Shop Golf Cart Bags

Here are some of our recommended golf cart bags in no particular order. These bags provide quality and functionality. Another requirement is that they have to look appealing in design. Take a look and see what you think.



By now you have a better idea about golf cart bags with full-length dividers. We also covered the differences between cart and carry bags, as well as advantages and disadvantages to each type of bag. Additionally, we covered simple ways to organize clubs in your bag and how this can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on clubheads and shafts.


As with everything else in golf, you don’t need to go for the most expensive options when you’re first starting out. Buy the bare minimum in the beginning, then upgrade as you learn more and start to understand what type of equipment suits your game the best. For example, you don’t usually need three or four different wedges as a beginner. One or two, such as a pitching wedge and sand wedge, will likely be all you need at first.


I hope you enjoyed learning more about golf bags. Remember to keep on swinging, practice makes perfect (or gets you closer).


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